What are some options for smartphone data use in Norway?

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Worldwide data cards

Even though the Norwegian options are good,they present a challenge – they do not offer enough if you regularly travel outside the country.this is why you should consider getting a worldwide SIM card. It may be more costly, but you can avoid language barriers and fiddle about when trying to change your SMS line.


This is a SIM-card start up, which offers a very interesting deal – it gives you the freedom of a lifetime data SIM card. It is data-only (so no calls), and is available for $59. what is interesting is they even sell mobile Wi-Fi hot spots at $119so that you connect various devices!

Prepaid Norwegian SIM cards

In Norway, there are two main network service providers, and they are Telia and Komplett. Each of them has a wide coverage in the country, and they also have very good internet speeds. You should consider comparing them to other providers in the country by using mobilabonnement test.

Keep in mind that when you are deciding to purchase a prepaid SIM card, the best choice is to purchase it at a phone shop, instead of going for the convenience store option. This is due to the problem of having some shop attendants lacking specialist knowledge that can assist you to finish the registration of the card.

Here is a small breakdown of the two network providers:

Komplett mobil – this is the largest network in the country, offering a prepaid SIM card known as Komplett Kontant. The card is widely available in a wide variety of stores, and it also comes with 50NOK of credit when you purchase it. Just remember that the online top-ups can only be accomplished by using a Scanadanavian credit card.

If you do not have this credit card, you can choose to purchase a voucher from any convenience store, for instance, 7-Eleven.

The network’s rates are very fair; you will not receive charges that are more than 10krper day for data use. There are data package offers from the provider, which can help you if you use data frequently.

The least amount of time you can take with the Telenor package is at three months, and it gives you 200MB for each month at a reasonable price of 299kr. For longer options, you can get packages lasting for six months and one year.

Telia – this company was formerly known as Netcom, and happens to hold the second largest rank in the country. In fact, latest reports in 2016 indicate that its coverage exceeds that of Telenor.

One advantage that comes with this network is its very affordable roaming rates, especially when you are traveling to other Scanadanavian countries.its prepaid product is under the brand name Telia SMART Kontant, and you can purchase it at 99kr. This amount and the registration gets you 50MB, MMS for two weeks (14 days) as well as free domestic calls and texts. The top up system is similar to that of Telenor, though it has a more friendly data package. Its plans range from 250MB to 6GB, all running for a month.

The days when you had to spend so much money on SIM card purchases are gone. They are cheaper now, and you have a variety of options to choose. Know your needs and use that to choose the best SIM card.